Custom Food Processing Equipment and Systems


GEM Equipment of Oregon, Inc. custom designs equipment and systems for customer's specific applications.  We use innovative technology, operating experience and customer input to produce the finest food processing systems for our customers.


GEM Equipment started using Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in 1994 to aid in the design of equipment that has a critical need for controlled fluid flow. It has been used to fine tune oil flow in GEM fryers and made a large contribution in fryer technology. GEM Equipment has also used CFD in the design of hydro pump tanks, retrograde coolers, pneumatic separators, upgrades for existing fryers and other specific processing applications.


The common denominator is that the people responsible for manufacturing food-processing equipment must have and use good management skills. The welding process is often highly technical. There is welding of dissimilar materials, such as stellite and stainless steel for blancher belt side chains or welding stainless steel to mild steel.


GEM Equipment's role in installation is dependent on geography. For installations in the United States, GEM Equipment is capable of setting the equipment, support structure, catwalks and process piping, utilizing crews from the company's Oregon plants. Due to Canadian immigration law, an installation project in Canada requires the use of a crew that is fifty percent Canadian.

Fryer Repair and Rebuild

The rebuild and repair business has advantages for GEM Equipment. This company's large competitors are normally not interested in projects that require large amounts of fieldwork. Smaller, local competitors, who do not manufacture fryers, usually do not have the technical qualifications to furnish upgrades with their rebuild work.