GEM Equipment of Oregon, Inc.

GEM Equipment, established in 1969, grew up serving the Pacific Northwest french fry potato industry.  Services furnished include engineering, manufacturing, installation and rebuilding of food processing equipment.  This equipment is custom designed for specific applications.  GEM has manufactured large belt blanchers for the french fry potato industry since 1975, fryers since 1985 and batter application systems since 1990.  Other items in the company’s product line include conveyors, tote dumpers, hydro pump systems, fryer filtration systems and Flodin Rock Traps.  Computational Fluid Dynamics is used to assure that this company’s french fry fryers perform as expected.  GEM Equipment is widely recognized for high quality after sales service.



Co-Product, Conventional, Two-Stage, Appetizer

GEM manufactures all sizes of fryers, from small appetizer to large french fry fryers in both mild steel and stainless steel. The GEM fryers are engineered and designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).


Conveyor types include: Belt, Chain, Mesh, Portable, Roller, Screw, Vibrating, Friction Drive Low Tension Belt

Conveyor functions include: Accumulation, De-watering, Distribution, Elevating, Inspection and Spreading

Rock Traps

Root Crops: Potatoes, Carrots, Beets, Sweet Potatoes

GEM manufactures and sells debris and rock removal systems designed by John Flodin. Dealing with products such as potatoes, which sink, the Flodin rock trap not only removes rocks, it also removes vines, chunks of wood, corn cobs, rotten potatoes, serious hollow hearts and other floating debris. Rock traps for product that sinks, have an upper conveyor to remove the floating debris. By utilizing slow moving water, material separation is enhanced. Rocks are conveyed out of the rock trap by the lower conveyor.

CNC Waterjet Cutter



GEM Equipment's CNC waterjet cutter is rated to cut 5/8" thick carbon steel plate and 1/2" type 304 stainless steel plate. The part on the left was cut from this waterjet..


GEM Equipment started using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to aid in the design of equipment that has a critical need for controlled fluid flow. It is also used to fine tune oil flow in GEM fryers, hydro pump tanks, retrograde coolers, pneumatic separators, upgrades for existing fryers and other specific processing applications. 



* 1-1/4-inch worm shaft transmits power to more jacks downstream.

* Simpler mounting and better protection of vital parts from moisture.

* All exposed parts are stainless steel.

* Each jack lifts 2000 pounds on test stand prior to shipment.